103 thoughts on “First Frost

  1. The leaves look very pretty, Lynn. I suppose the frost has to come eventually. We haven’t had any in this area yet. It’s just been totally wild. The wind has been awful, particularly yesterday, and it’s rained a lot as well. At least frosty days are crisp and bright – as your lovely photos show.

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  2. I know that the first frost back east is a sign of snow to come. We haven’t had snow in three years and hopefully that continues. If we do get snow it melts right away but has been known to stay for a couple to two weeks and then it melts never to be seen the rest of the winter. Bundle up keep warm.

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  3. Love it when frost stays on leaves Lynz.. and you have captured it here.. It is mild here with wind and rain, but all is set to change at the weekend when we may get snow..
    Sending warm thoughts your way to keep snug and warm in that Kitchen πŸ™‚ xxx

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  4. So beautiful Lynn. We haven’t had a frost yet, but it is cooler at night. It finally warmed up and the sun came out for our first sunset in several days late this afternoon. I loved it.

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  5. You found gorgeous examples of frost and Autumn together. The white frost still shows beauty in colored leaves. Lynn, I am now happy to know you are living in Fall season. I knew you picked apples in orchard but duh! Wasn’t sure is you were out West or south. πŸ™‚

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  6. Lovely captures, Lynz! I’m not too sure if I am ready for this winter to come yet. *sigh* I really don’t have much a choice SO I adapt JOY and eagerly await the frozen treasures Mother will reveal to me this year! YAY! Have a great day! ❀

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