49 thoughts on “More Riyadh

  1. Love the pictures Lynz. I have some pics my brother sent me from his trip to somewhere in the Middle Ease, and he sent one of himself riding a camel. According to him it is not very comfortable, so avoiding that ride was wise, in my opinion. The height alone would keep me from it, and I’ve heard the odor is not the best, and they spit. I think I really prefer looking at the pictures.
    Thanks for sharing these. Hugs, A.

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      1. I finally found time to start on my reader Lynz. Or make a few inroads. Not sure how far that will go, but a few each day and soon maybe I’ll catch up.

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  2. So, did that department store just close down? I imagine the expensive goods just didn’t sell. I do love your mix of photos, Lynn, and as everyone has already said, those camels sneak in everywhere.

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      1. Yes, it seems strange that it didn’t last. Perhaps it was just too different for the local people at that time. I know from your other photos there are plenty of malls in Riyadh now. But I don’t suppose they’re the same as that single department store.

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        1. I think so it was just too different! now there are hyper stores every where. Panda and all kinds of grocery stores that carry clothing and everything else.There was one old mall when we arrived. So things have changed so much!


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