70 thoughts on “Camel souk, coffee and outside market

        1. well i don’t know but what I do know for sure is they are under paid, do everything in the household and are invisible. Some of them came to me and asked me to buy them a phone card as they were wanting to escape and go home! I was instructed that they didn’t like nice food only bread, as I served one maid-lady a beautiful meal, tea and dessert! I was scolded. I was an american woman, but locked away not allowed to go out, check my own baby out of the hospital and I lived in fear so I cant imagine a maid with no power!!! I am sure there are lovely nice people who treat their help kindly as well. but the fact is they have no rights! I had no rights!

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          1. Wow… You could write a book… Thank goodness you made it out of there… No one here can imagine how women are treated there…

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          2. well he is american not saudi so they automatically got their US passports at birth you go to embassy right after, he couldn’t legally keep any of us there, but years of fear, no money to leave and well FEAR! after I left he threatened to hmm kill me so I knew why i never left!! still feel scared and hard to sleep at times.

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          3. There’s a episode of American Dad, the cartoon that in their own way talk about that part of the world and I’m not making light of it but that would be the last place I’d be if I was a woman… Now is what matters… Peace

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        1. yeah but people all have phones and now take pictures all over the internet. if you go out and take pictures with a camera yes! you cannot do that. my friend had the same thing happen as she took pictures of her kids at a park. or if you take pictures of any people that is a big no no. or around ladies. does your friend like it there?


          1. Are you asking if she like the place? She’s a contractual nurse there and she have no choice. She’s missing everything because there’s no freedom in her place and she need to be careful every time she go out. But she is happy because there are lots of Filipino around her

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          2. yes!! I had so many friends who were Filipino! Let me tell you the nurses were lovely and helped me. If you read my story about delivery I explain how they were always there for me!!! I absolutely loved them!!!! I had horrible deliveries and my first doctor was very mean to me but my nurse who was Filipino she was amazing!!!!!

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          3. Nice to know that you have good experienced with the Filipinos. Yes I am proud to say that Filipinos are great in taking care of patients. Thanks for your great and wonderful words. Simple as that you made them happy despite of the loneliness from home and friends…

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  1. Like everyone else, i was surprised to see the very ‘western’ Starbucks over ther. It does look out of place, and so different to camel souks and such like. I know that many countries in the world still use maids and servants of all kinds, including various establishments and wealthy families in both the UK and US. Perhaps the main difference is in their conditions of service and their rights as people. Hopefully, ‘hired helpers’ aren’t treated that badly over here and wages are the same as those of similar workers. (I say ‘hopefully, because I don’t know if that’s true – hust hope it is!) Thought provoking pictures. Lynn.

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    1. there is a ladies section or family section and then a single section for men. So yes I could but if there was not a family section then no. My mom went to a western donut place and sat down and they said oh sorry mam you must leave. The workers are not saudi so they are only doing as told and will get in trouble.

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