61 thoughts on “Riyadh!

        1. we never went to weddings or parties, he would never say no, but it was know. arabs go to weddings, parties all the time! His brother and sister insisted to take my daughters to a wedding while we were in Syria! they were not happy to hear and shocked to hear we had never gone.That is part of culture to go

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          1. It’s all speculation. But I know that in just about every culture marriage is celebrated with family and loved ones. And maybe if he hadn’t treated you one way and then changed I would have thought that he just had this moral compass that kept him grounded and anti-frivolous. But (from the little I know) I think he didn’t want you to see how good people had it. I mean he went to parties and ‘hobnobbed’ with the sheik, right?

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          2. yes I agree!! He kept us apart from his family as well which was weird! So yes I think you are right! I made desserts for the sheik for 7 years, 3 days a week and I just started thinking I never heard one word from him?? no thank you nothing which would have been a big shame in arab culture. So he kept people away. good insight, thanks!

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  1. A nice selection of photos, Lynn. I don’t need to ask about wearing those fancy dresses now. I asked you that question a while ago. It’s a shame he never took you to any parties, but from what you’ve said in several posts, he wouldn’t have taken you anywhere that you could enjoy yourself.

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    1. women go alone to parties and weddings. Men do their own things usually. he went to Dubai, Yemen, China, America etc. he loved to travel. He attended weddings, fancy parties weekly. I never asked to go because I knew it would not work. I went to a coffee morning once, he pushed me to go, but afterward the house was not in order and that was a problem. So, he would hold out his hand and say here take this(opportunity) but then it was false. he lived a glamorous life in a way, his friend the shiek had a 737 and he went many places with him.

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      1. I expected you to say something like this, Lynn. He lived such a glamorous and exciting life but demanded so much work and dedication (to him) from you. I won’t say I don’t know why you stuck it out for so long, because I know. You stayed for your children’s sake – something I well understand.

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        1. Thanks for understanding!! It’s hard to explain and when you leave and seek help many people tell you, “Why did you stay then” which adds to not wanting to leave etc. You seem to understand this and that helps because it is so hard to explain! I can’t tell you what I went through to buy another month, then week then day and literally in the end an hour of peace! Thanks for understanding!


  2. I found out my answers to my questions, Lyn by reading comments. So interesting and sometimes beautiful with fancy dresses and special like camels who look content to be people carriers. πŸ™‚
    Sad to me, I get a little weepy from thinking of all you did, so hard you tried to please your husband and still no warmth or respect. Making frequently desserts for the Sheik and still he would not allow praise. I admire your trying and taking care of your chikdren. . . But at such a cost to your inner soul. I care, Lyn, as others here do.β™‘

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    1. Thanks and yes it is a cost! At the time you are trying to just survive and keep your kids safe as well as fed, clothed and educated so you dont think of the toll it takes. Now I struggle with many things like fear, not sleeping, anxiety, worrying about everything so yes a huge toll! Thanks for caring!


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