83 thoughts on “Fall

  1. I researched Fall vs Autumn … it turns out that Fall is the original English word and that the English adopted the French word Automne in the 19th Century when all things French were considered elegant. Beautiful Fall, Automne, Autumn pictures! 🙂


      1. I’m sure I can manage a few photos when I’m out on my walks this week, Lynn. The landscape is looking very autumnal now. Over here, it’s often a question of finding a day dry enough to take photos! 😀

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      2. Lucky you – or, perhaps not. It depends how the land is coping without it, I suppose. With winter ahead, I imagine you’ll get plenty, soon enough. We don’t get as much as the west side of Britain where we are. Lincoln is fairly easterly, away from the ‘wet west’. We still get our share though. Today was dry, and very changeable. The sun was in and out like a yo-yo. 🙂

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      1. No, I took your words to be just a nice suggestion – which I managed to act upon today. I had a walk round the village and lanes with my camera, earlier, and will do the post in the next day or two. I’m glad you suggested it! thank you. 😀

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      2. It won’t be tomorrow, I have a post about Newark Market all ready to go! Possibly Monday, though. Thanks again for the suggestion. I thought people might have had enough of my village after the last post I did about it! 😀

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