46 thoughts on “Different pictures in Saudi

    1. Riyadh was horrible the first two years. They went to one school, then we switched them to the next school right next door to the new apartment with no electricity. We then moved ot Al-khobar where they attended a very Western school which is where we are at in the story now. It was amazing! Khobar is more Western as it has Aramco oil company and basically a little city where women can drive! So, then after living there for a year we moved back to Riyadh and that is the picture of the school. It was a huge school and very nice looking but the same problems came back. Riyadh is like a different world from Al-Khobar and Jeddah where you find tons of foreigners. Riyadh is old school and very traditional.


  1. A great mix of scenes in these photos, Lynn. I imagine the school was very strict. The building somehow looks forbidding with those outer railings – although I know looks can be deceptive. Some old schools over here look very austere, when inside the atmosphere is warm and inviting. The buildings in Riyadh look to be a mix of east and west. All so interesting.

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    1. ha ha no it was strict and not fun!! It was a famous school but proved to be like the first two schools in Riyadh. Alkhobar is very western, it has Aramco and a little city so tons of western people. Riyadh is desert and bedouin and not modern so their school system reflected this for sure!You are right, very strict and austere!

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