85 thoughts on “Welcome Fall

  1. I love these Lynz. I wish I could get out to the country to take some photos of the colors again, but the bus I take won’t stop for photo ops.

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  2. I love those leaves turning there color and seeing those partial red …partial brown and yellow leaves fallen on roads πŸ™‚ It is delight to watch such a scene πŸ™‚

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  3. I wonder why America calls if Fall when we call it Autumn … I shall have to research it. I love all those pictures but actually my favourite is the middle one – the glowing orb of the sun losing its heat but still rising and setting as it always does – very very pretty

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      1. Lynz, I have been crazy at work and have not had the chance to read your latest posts – that is why I have not commented – I will maybe be able to have time tomorrow – or if not the weekend -absolutely no time to write any of my own either……completely shattered – lots of love Lindy xx

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  4. I absolutely love the maple leaf. You have so many in North America, and it makes your autumns blaze with colour. We have relatively few maples here, so our autumn colours are mostly the ambers and golds. Lovely pictures, Lynn.

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