129 thoughts on “A Sea of Yellow

  1. I know that it is in the North Western part of the US )correct me if I am wrong)
    I have only ever been to Seattle in the US, that was while I was staying with family in Vancouver x
    Lovely photos wherever it is x

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  2. What a glorious cascade of gold! Like the sun flowers of France and Tuscany!
    Fields like this are glorious until they are harvested or die.
    I always think this : “I think that l have never seen a sadder sight than glorious sunflowers died turned to green. All standing in a row with blackened faces just like poor souls lost without a place to go.
    We passed them yesterday as to Assisi we did go. The rain like angel’s tears did flow. The wind was unrepentant too but it could not stop us from what we had to do. ”
    from an old post I wrote in 2012 here if you want to read it all. https://willowdot21.wordpress.com/2012/09/15/2809/

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