Housing in Riyadh

There are many types of housing in Riyadh including, villas, apartments, large Western compounds and these smaller versions of a compound concept. These little “compounds” usually have around 20 villas all together with a large wall around them. This type of housing has a common area outside as in this picture below. Children play and ride their bikes and there is a tiny pool as well as a grassy area at the end of the compound. We lived in this little housing area after we moved from the large,Western compound. We lived here for three years and this picture was taken after a major renovation. Basically it is just like living outside but you have the benefit of neighbors.


The windows you see are the family room that face into the walking area.


Above you can see the end of the compound and the kitchen door of the villa.

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87 thoughts on “Housing in Riyadh

        1. Oh yes… so different to my life/my homes that I’ve lived in and that’s the wonderful thing; being able to see and ‘experience’ what others’ lives are like including homes. You have such an interesting blog Lynz xxx

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    1. well we went from here to there and all over! lol and got used to one thing so yes to be honest, most of our friends moved to other compounds but we moved here, which was rusty and not nice, they did this renovation after we left! So I left guilty not liking it but it was hard after having a bus and a way to get out and meet people etc.

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      1. I can definitely see that! Understandable, I think I would feel the same way, too. And I just saw your comment about moving 8 times – wow! I have moved 5 times in the last 8 years and that was exhausting, but that was only me so I can’t imagine how hard it was with your family.

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  1. This is informative and I learned more about your journey’s path. I think it looks sparse compared to what I am used to but the space and renovations may have made you feel good in this setting. Thanks for sharing, Lyn. ♡

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  2. Thank you for sharing this. I always think it is good to learn about the world and how others live. It is so easy to start thinking everyone’s situation is just like ours. I went from a house with a yard to a tiny apartment when our children were young due to financial issues. It is difficult to do, but it made us appreciate everything after that.

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          1. he is a civil engineer but in saudi getting hired local hire you are not guaranteed a job. allot of expats come with their company and then there are tons of benefits and high pay, tickets home, school paid for, etc.

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