Contrast in Riyadh

A few days ago I showed pictures of the modern malls and shops in Riyadh. There is a huge contrast between the old and new! This is a look at interesting areas around Riyadh just to show you a contrast. Hope you enjoy!



DSC03150 DSC03153 DSC03151 S5000497

S5000494 Old Riyadh


Shopping in old area with tons of amazing things to see and buy!





Just outside of town


Near Camel souk(market)


Camel souk (market)

73 thoughts on “Contrast in Riyadh

  1. wow, it looks like great places to shop….my son and his wife did a 3 week tour of Europe and started in Istanbul, pictures look a lot like there’s, they also visited Morocco, and it was very similar….great pictures and yes quite a difference from the malls….


  2. Lyn, I love the beauty found in homemade and local industry made apparels. I enjoyed the glass pieces and collections, too. Always interesting to see photos of foreign lands and the dirt and destruction makes me sad. Indeed contrasts.

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  3. That is major contrast. It’s hard to believe that there is so much beauty and modern merchandise, when blocks away the scenery looks as if it’s centuries old. I’ve been hooked on documentaries about Saudi for days now. It’s all very interesting and gives a greater insight on how your life may have been there.

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  4. The camel photo is awesome. Just the right amount of sun blasting down to give everything the right amount of light. Brava on not trying camel milk. I would rather not, myself. The most exotic I’ve dared is goat milk (love it) but that is as far as I go. x

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  5. Such contrasts! There are also many cities in the United States where there is very modern thriving ares, that drop away to stark contrasting scenes of poverty and decay.

    Thank you for sharing these photos. Very interesting indeed.


  6. The inside of these shops is so colourful and quite in contrast to the duns and browns of the old, crumbling areas and the places outside the town. The desert seems almost on the doorstep. As the comment above says, the difference between rich and poor areas is very marked – as it is in many cities worldwide. Lovely pictures, Lyn.

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