Middle Eastern Yogurt and Mint Salad

This Middle Eastern salad is usually served with rice. It is refreshing and can be eaten with many foods.


2 cups plain yogurt*** I use a large container of plain yogurt, so cut down on the amount of cucumber if you do the 2 cups! Forgot cooking for lots of people I use large amounts!!

1 spoon dry mint

1 cucumber peeled and grated


Put yogurt in a bowl and whisk until smooth, add mint and whisk. Peel and grate cucumber add to yogurt and stir. I grate the cucumber but my mother in law chops it into tiny pieces, so it is up to you.



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58 thoughts on “Middle Eastern Yogurt and Mint Salad

  1. I am seeing many similarities between Middle Eastern cooking and Indian. We’ve had many cultures come to India so it’s a blend many. I love this, we call it raita and we usually have it with biryani. It also tastes great with potato chips, like a dip. 😀

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  2. I love this salad … I generally know it as tzatziki and first tasted it in Greece but more recently as Indian food has become the national food of Britain I know it as Raita too – there are differences of course but the concept is similar. Delicious!

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      1. I just made a revision to the recipe! I cook for a huge household so I use a large container of yogurt! In my efforts to scale it down here I put 2 cups yogurt. So, use as much cucumber as you like but for 2 cups, maybe 1/2 a cucumber!


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