Are Lizards really mice in disguise?

Growing up in the Northwest part of the United States made me accustomed to spiders, ants, frogs, mice, cats, dogs, some snakes and the other usual creatures! I was not, as I have previously explained accustomed to cockroaches. Another shock to me was……. the lizard!

I walked into the kitchen one day, a big, tiled, empty room, so anything was easy to spot!  As I entered I noticed a toy left on the floor. It was strange and I didn’t remember seeing this before!! I bent over to scoop it up and put it some where else so I could mop! As I bent, a darting image flew past and a wiggly something left behind. I am not a screamer at heart but I let out a huge scream!!! What was that???? I had never seen something like it and then it was gone. Was it a snake, a bug,  what??? I ran out of the kitchen and shut the door. I put a towel under the door and sat, heart pounding, quite frantic!

The boys were at school so I gathered up the little kids and ran downstairs to the door that separated the two villas.  I knocked, no pounded on the door that lead to Um Abdullah’s house.  She opened the door and looked at my face ushering me quickly inside.  AISH FEKE AISH FEKE???!!!  (What’s wrong ?) she shouted as she grabbed my arm leading me into the sitting room. I spoke little to no Arabic and she spoke absolutely no English. I tried to tell her in my broken Arabic that I had seen this animal, thing. After I settled down I assumed it was some type of lizard. I had no idea how to say lizard and so I acted it out as best I could. She laughed and finally brought her son’s text book  full of colorful pictures.  She leafed through the pages pointing first to a RAT!  My mind then wandered to the question were there rats? What else might be lurking in the sewers besides cockroaches??? There were Cats (Kita) Dogs (kelb) Chickens (dijaj)  and Cockroaches (Sarsoor).  No, none of these was the visitor in my kitchen!! We had some tea, I used the phone to call an American lady who had visited one day, and I left back up to the villa!

You have to cook, eat and function so, the door was opened again and….no lizard, only the remnant of it’s tail left behind! But at least I got to know the hospitality and open door of Um Abdullah! After that I saw lizards frequent the outside of the brown, plastic windows, their feet looked like suction cups and I felt as if I were in a zoo with them looking in at me, much to my terror!! Of course I learned to get used to lizards and saw them in each home we lived in!

DSC00014 33-Sahara Mall S5000691 DSC04571

Just a few pictures of Riyadh

39 thoughts on “Are Lizards really mice in disguise?

  1. Oh my Lynn I had to laugh we have salamanders here that are everywhere and drive my cat Tyler nuts on a daily basis. Although, Florida is known for huge palmetto bugs (AKA roaches) we have none on beachside they’re more inland so pest control is a big business down here! I’d lose it if I saw one in my home! Glad you got accustomed to them!

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  2. What a new experience Lynz. I knew lizards before Spain, but not in peoples area. Here we have both lizards and dragons, their heads are much bigger. They come and go all over. At least they eat all the insects and my cats appreciate their private TV, when there are light indoor and dark outside.

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  3. Oh Lynz! My parents’ place is in the suburban area, on top of a little hill, and we get all kinds of critters year round… I remember freaking out about a lizard or gecko on the wall of my bedroom, screaming at my parents about being scared to sleep. I feel you girl, I feel you.

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