I was recently tagged by fellow blogger, The lovely Domesticated Goddess!


I have never done this before so hopefully this turns out right! Thanks for tagging me!


The rules are as follows:

  • Link back to the blogger who nominated you and answer their 10 questions
  • Add the badge to your post
  • Write your own 10 questions and tag 10 bloggers to do the same

Questions from Domesticated Goddess:

1. Staycation or Vacation: Vacation for sure, getting away is awesome! Going to the coast next week yes!

2. What is your favorite alcoholic beverage- I don’t drink but love something with a fizz in it.

3. What is one thing on your bucket list that you would like to do but have not done yet- Sing at a Jazz club since that was my dream years ago.

4. What is your favorite thing about blogging- I LOVE meeting all of these amazing, talented and creative people, love!!

5. If you could go buy one item right now and the cost does not matter what would you buy- A new kitchen.

6. Tea or Coffee -Coffee all day!

7. Favorite book or magazine- have been too busy these 28 years raising kids so unfortunately not much reading except cookbooks!

8. Name one of your favorite blogging tools- editing ha ha

9. Which do you like better iPhone or Android- Just switched and wish I could go back to iPhone!

10. What’s your favorite time of the day?  2 hours before sunset, just glorious!

My Questions:

1. What is your favorite flavor?

2. Why did you start blogging?

3. What country or city would you like to visit?

4. What is your favorite past time?

5. What is you favorite candy?

6. What is your best childhood memory?

7. Who taught you the most valuable life skills?

8. Favorite food?

9. Describe your dream day?

10. Favorite time of year or season and why.


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