Babysitting is hard work and you have to catch some shut eye whenever and wherever you can!

We had a busy week watching the kids! When we got home I had a pounding headache and the next day sick all over and a sore throat! I went to quick care where they did a swab and it was positive for strep. As a child I had strep often but have not had it for maybe 40 years. Wow that makes me sound ancient!

I am slowly getting around to visiting blogs but excuse me if I am not around much for the next few days!

Here are highlights from our week and happy Sunday!


Summer love series-3

This series details the beginning and how I met him. The first two installments can be found here

Pullman 1982

I slid under his arm and rolled to the edge of the bed carefully placing my feet on the floor.  A headache wracked my brain and unsteady balance was evident as I struggled to stuff one leg into rumpled jeans that had been haphazardly discarded the night before.  I had been raised attending church every Sunday, bible camp in summer and youth group as a teen until pressure to” just be like everyone else” collided with alcohol and ended in confusion over self worth, desire and respect. I thought of mother and her disappointment while hopping towards the door. I pulled a shirt and jeans on until teetering finally gave way to collapse. A sigh made its way out of his mouth and then he rolled from side to side eventually settling back into sleep.

A small amount of interest had formed and overshadowed persistent concerns regarding his intentions and sincerity. But he seemed somehow different and had not pressured to be intimate but had pushed to develop a bond of mutual affection. My exit was quick and precise and the door shut quietly behind me.

Events from the previous semester seemed distant and for the first time in a month my mind was in the present not immersed in thoughts of Scott. I vowed that I would never open my heart to anyone again and instead would focus on goals of becoming a jazz vocalist. But there I stood in that tiny apartment next door to my sister’s place sneaking out in the early morning hours.

I knocked with a rap rap pattern, looking in between shabby half closed curtains. The door slowly opened and I crept in positioning myself on the couch in a slumping fashion. I had entered College apartments, number 3 just two doors down from this handsome man five years my senior. He was polite and clean cut, did not drink or smoke and studied engineering at a neighboring University. My sister had become an acquaintance during summer session and felt that he was just what I needed to lighten up and forget the past. Her eyes narrowed and she asked me why I was unwilling to give him a chance. Shoulders shrugged as I poured black coffee into a garage sale mug, placing my feet up on the plywood table. I lit another cigarette and reminded her of dreams and aspirations that needed my complete attention.


Happy birthday Heme!

Another year has passed and it is hard to believe my youngest is now 15! This weekend we went to the lake where we have celebrated most of Heme’s birthdays for the past 9 years. There have been weddings, graduations and kids moving in and out of the family home and this special young man turning 15 put an emphasis on all that has transpired. We also decided to do some work to get the house opened up for the season.IMG_8123.JPG

Grama carefully pressed layers of ice cream one flavor on top of another and then topped it off with Chocolate chip mint, perfect for a lake dessert! The birthday boy requested Grampa’s spaghetti along with garlic bread and salad.

Spending time at the lake is relaxing! When the house was built some 25 years ago, Mom insisted that every room have a good view of the lake! Having a lake house means relaxation, fun in the water and family time.

But of course with that comes a great deal of work as well. Mom and Dad are very active but it is not prudent for them to be standing on unsteady ground, picking up rocks, logs and wood or pruning the many blackberry bushes that line the stairs! Mom loves to do her gardening but has agreed that it needs to be less upkeep. She has slowly given in and this year gave up her lilies replacing them with ground cover. We were the lucky recipients of these lake plants along with Osama, Yusuf and Fattima. IMG_8027

A few hours of pruning was needed along the stairs which is comprised of two separate sections. Everyone told me to sit and relax but this has been my job for the past few years. The idea is to get the bushes and plants trimmed back far enough that they do not get in the way until summer ends. I took several breaks and finally finished my portion of the stairs, but I was too tired to take photos of the end result! Let’s just say it was totally clear.

The boys brought the kayak down to the lawn. They mowed, weed wacked and picked up any trash or debri that had come in with the high water.

Then it was time to prune some bushes that grow wild and crazy often entering the porch.   IMG_8060 (1)

We took a break for some water fun until the kids were tired and wanted to head up to the house for sandwiches.

The kids played dominoes, we ate a light dinner and turned in early!


The next day Osama surprised us and showed up early in the morning with the three kids in tow and a box of Heme’s favorite donuts in hand. The little ones brought an extra ray of sunshine to our celebration. IMG_8130


After dinner the cake was served and one little cutie sat waiting for Daddy to feed her! As soon as he spooned up some cake she beamed with a huge smile!

It was a weekend full of family and fun times and we all worked hard!



Being at the lake brings back memories both good and bad but we move forward and try to reclaim our place in this world. Sounds of laughter, games being played at the dining room table and the feeling of freedom is a welcome reminder that we are truly home.