Steptoe butte

Yesterday Saleeha and I headed towards Spokane for a track meet. On the way we stopped at Steptoe Butte. The drive up was hmmm, scary!! There was no way to turn around, a tiny narrow road curved and wound up the little mountain. I have read different things, but people say you can see up to 100 miles at the top! I will definetely be visiting again in a few weeks! I forgot my camera so I took these photos with my phone.

I will share more photos this week.



Lamb Shoulder Roast With Spring Vegetables

One of my favorite blogs and an amazing cook!


Friends came over for Easter dinner and I wanted to serve a special main dish that screamed Spring, what comes to mind is lamb and to accompany the lamb a variety of vegetables. I bought a boneless lamb shoulder roast weighing 3.65 pounds trimmed and tied. I really don’t cook or eat that much meat especially roasts and did a search online for some ways to prepare.A meal that was  simple, no fuss and tasty was key. Jamie Olivers roast lamb shoulder sounded great, flavored with rosemary, salt, pepper and garlic and roasted until  so tender it falls apart. The rosemary in my garden is still around, can’t believe it lasted outside all winter and I had just enough for this recipe. Mr. Oliver cranks up the heat in the oven as high as it goes, lays rosemary and unpeeled garlic cloves at the bottom of a baking tray or…

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Dog Walk Challenge: Day 359

A great challenge and a cute dog!

Travels with Choppy

The weekend has been absolutely gorgeous here – which means lots and lots of yard work this time of year! Oh well – it will all be worthwhile come summer, when I can just sit around enjoying the fruits of my labor. Right? That’s how it works?

Date: April 22, 2017
Location: Home
Length: 2.1 Miles
Who: Sarah & Choppy

img_9737 Now this is a nice day for a walk.

img_9732 Contemplating how much trouble she would get in, if she went in the river.

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Week in review

This was my week in case you missed anything. Have a great Sunday.

Love Lynn








Thanks for all of your nice wishes yesterday and today! The skin check went well and the Doctor told me to come back after 6 months. Nothing out of the ordinary was found and I feel more relaxed.

After the check up we went to meet my dad for coffee and then headed to the kids house to spend time with Jacki and the boys. Wow they have changed so much in just 3 weeks!

After having fun with our babies we headed to the track meet where we met mom and dad. Mude ran the 800 and took first place! I am so proud of him and his dedication. Many times he has been disappointed but has kept training and doing his best!

A wonderful day very blessed in every way