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While visiting the kids over Spring break we also had the pleasure of seeing our special Clementine! She is older now and although she was excited to have company she was very calm and well behaved. She waited by the bedroom door each morning hoping someone would wake up and sit with her instead of impatiently jumping and blocking the bathroom door. She shook hands, gave high fives and rolled over, then stood waiting for a treat. She looked at me with her big eyes, but waited before jumping onto the couch, plopping her paws over and watching for her friend the cat to appear. It was great fun to see her and how she has grown! Miss you Clementine!




Living With Five Dogs

What an amazing household!

Lynn Thaler

We never planed to have five dogs.  However, life throws curve balls sometimes and unexpected things happen.  A few years ago, the three of us lived in three different homes with our dogs.  Today, we are all in the same house and so are all of our dogs.

  • Joey is the oldest of our dogs.  He is a Labrador/Great Pyrenees mix and he is 9 years old.
  • Ben is our biggest dog.  He is a Great Pyrenees and weighs 115 pounds.  He is also our youngest dog.  Ben is two years old.
  • Buddy is a Rottweiler/Beagle mix and he is only two months older than Ben.
  • Norton is the smallest of our dogs.  He is a Yorke mix and weighs only 14 pounds.  Norton is probably around 4 years old.
  • Blue is a 3 year old Australian Cattle Dog.

The dogs have their moments and life is far from perfect…

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Knee Deep In It

I had to share this! Lynn has a wonderful blog!

Life After 50

I found myself in a funny predicament recently when visiting my son, daughter in law & my granddaughter for a few days.  Funny, that is, if you happened to be a bystander watching me & the comedy show that ensued.

In an attempt to offer Mom, my daughter in law, a bit of time to herself, I set out to take our wee LAM for a nice, long walk.

You see, our precious girl is not so fond of sleep these days, preferring instead to wake after a half hour or so, regardless of how tired she is.  My mission?  To have her nap last longer than 20 minutes, ideally working towards the 2 hour mark!

ottawa Me with the baby on my front & lots & lots of snow!

Suiting up with my granddaughter strapped to my body in a carrier, and the dog at my side, we made our way…

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The Best Things in Life

Lovely, thanks dear Jodi!

the creative life in between

Abstract Gold Flower 8x10 Arches 140lb Hot Press Abstract Gold Flower 8×10 Arches 140lb Hot Press

The Best Things in Life…
aren’t things.

The Best Things in Life are..

Hugs -real, authentic, tight bear hugs,

Family – and friends who are our chosen family,

Smiles – the kind where your eyes and cheeks and whole face smiles,

Laughter – from the belly that can’t be contained,

Happy memories – of cherished moments,

Love – the verb, the action, the undeniable, overwhelming choice and joy.

The Best Things in Life
aren’t things.

Cheers & Hugs,

Daniel Smith Watercolors:  Quinacridone Gold, Perylene Green

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